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We help you go from this...

sad couple going through a hard difficult time

Marriage can be soooo incredibly hard; past hurts, misunderstandings, different interests, parenting styles, views on money, etc...it’s a hot mess.

To this...

couple re-connected having fun time together

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couple happy and connected in love

For Newlyweds and “Mature” Couples

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for years, connecting is crucial to healthy relationships.

It's easy to feel like ships passing in the night...right? Living in the same house doesn’t equal quality time.

Connected, real, soul-satisfying relationships only happen with intentional, purposeful action.

Our Approach is Super-Simple

Put away the devices, unplug the tv, and spend some intentional, fun, quality time together.
Our Relationship Journal helps couples build a better relationship.

disconnected couple on electronics

Does this look like you? We can help!

Couples are more disconnected than ever due to technology...it's not just the kids.

Todays families are overwhelmed by too many choices and disconnected ways to spend their time. We’re all highly distracted and disengaged from one another.

We can help you unplug and reconnect.