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Our Story

Back in 2011, I had a major "aha" moment. I was a workaholic with 2 young daughters, a son, and an amazing wife, and I was completely disconnected from them. Work was my life and where I drew my value from. Hint: that wasn't good.

A big concern of mine was what happens when I’m gone? What if I was hit by a bus tomorrow? What would be my legacy...that "I worked real hard"? Would my wife and children have anything to remember me by? And what about their kids? How would they know their grandpa?

At the same time, some disturbing research was shared with me about what happens to young girls who don't get the love they need from their fathers. I'll spare the details, but it ain't pretty.

Also, a major cultural shift was happening...married couples were separating and getting divorced at a blinding pace. I didn't want to be the source of so much pain and brokenness. I knew that I could make a huge difference in the lives of my family if I just made the effort.

I vowed then to make a change...to make my family my priority. I had an idea and a strong desire to act! So, I went to a store, bought a blank journal for each of my kids, and I started interacting and connecting with them in a whole new way. I'm proud to say today that my wife knows I love her and my children know their Dad loves them.

Those original journals have been used consistently since 2011...and they are the source of profound value for my family relationships. Those journals were the seed which eventually grew into the specially purposed, interactive Relationship Journals we sell here.

Another cultural shift has been the explosive growth of technology and electronics. That technology, while cool and enticing is causing its own relational pain and brokenness through highly distracted and disconnected families.

A key ingredient of our journals which makes them so much better than a techy/digital solution, is that two people can unplug, come together face to face, and connect on a whole new level.

And even better, the handwritten memories captured in the journal will be something your family will cherish for generations. When you are gone, those left behind will have an accessible, preserved memory of you and your most treasured relationships.

So, that's what has brought us here and it's that which fills us with the passion to fulfill our vision and mission each and every day.

Our Vision

Functional families that communicate intentionally, openly, positively, with love, care and concern for one another, and remember their lives together fondly, passing down that love from one generation to the next.

Our Mission

We help people cultivate real family connections through simple tools that build and grow closer families, and preserve lasting memories.

Our Products and Support Service

Our flagship product is an archival-quality Relationship Journal that is shared by two folks in relationship, a father/daughter, a mother/son, a grandmother/grandson, a husband/wife, etc.

The Relationship Journal provides structure, an intentional and fun way of connecting to help you grow closer and preserves ever-evolving relationship memories for generations.

In addition to our Relationship Journal, we have a blog (youtube channel and podcast coming soon) devoted to helping people develop real family connections and build closer relationships.

Our customers also receive FREE ongoing support, tips, and relationship advice. We care enough to help and support you through the challenging times.

Our Insane Money-Back Guarantee

Use our journal at least once a week for 12 weeks, and If you don't see an improvement in your relationship, we’ll refund all your money back (including shipping) AND you can keep the journal.

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We are a Dallas, TX company and all our products are proudly American made and supported.