Time Heals All Wounds-And Other Lies We Would Like to Believe

You’ve heard the phrase “Time heals all wounds” before, am I right? What a bunch of BS! From my experience, it can go either way...but time in my opinion isn’t the key ingredient of relationship healing.

Take this scenario: Someone close to you hurts you in a very evil way when you are younger. Now, you’re older...and time has passed. How are you fealing about things now? You might not think about it every second of every day anymore, but if you were to encounter this person again, would you be neutral to happy to see the person? Or would all those feelings of rage, anger, and betrayal come flooding back? That’s not healing.

Maybe you are in a marriage relationship and your spouse has just been discovered for cheating on you for the last 5 years. Rest on that for a while and can you anticipate being at peace? Not forgetting, but merely healing from the intense hurt? Time by itself won’t bring healing.

I could go on with more examples, but just think about your own life. We’ve all been hurt and dissapointed by other people. Healing doesn’t come with time. It comes with intentional relationship repair, and enhanced with the help of some spiritually focused forgiveness.

Take the husband who has cheated on his wife. Without sincere regret and repentence on the part of the husband, healing may never come between the couple. It requires a re-commitment to the marriage and it requires getting back to what made you fall in love in the first place.

Not surprisingly, what creates healing is the same thing that creates stronger and stronger bonds of love between two people. The answer my friends, is intentional time focused on the other person and giving them your loving time and attention. It’s what you used to do in the beginning, but somewhere along the lines became crowded out by all of life’s complications. The key is to care enough to do everything it takes to repair the brokenness and heartache we all experience at times in our lives.

So, don’t buy into the lie that time will heal your wounds. Get intentional about your relationship and make the healing happen! And please remember, we are here to help you along that journey. You can reach out to us using our contact page, or feel free to use the comments here to connect.

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