The Strangest Relationship Tip You've Never Heard Of

This relationship tip is going to come out of left field...hope you enjoy it. So, I wear a Garmin sports watch on my left wrist...and I wear it every second of every day. It counts steps, miles run, bike rides, swims, etc. About once a week I am forced to take it off to charge. I know...I'm a nut. I take my fitness as seriously as I take my relationships. My wife would say I spend a little too much time focused on fitness. Guilty! Anyway, on with the story.

Well, as the summer has progressed, I've noticed that I have this crazy pale tan line where my watch sits on my left wrist. So, I had this brilliant idea. I decided to wear the watch on the right wrist for a while until I can tan the left side pale wrist. And how does this relate to improving relationships? Great question...keep reading!

The weird thing is that I can't stop noticing the different feeling and attention I have while wearing the watch on the right wrist. It's the same feeling you get when you go to the dentist and they put a filling in your tooth. That sudden difference draws all your attention and it's hard to ignore. With my watch, I had long since forgot the watch on my left side...and now that it's on my right side...I can't escape the attention and feeling it causes.

I think the lesson we can learn about relationships here is huge...albeit maybe not so obvious? Let me make the connection. In every relationship, we get to a point where it just IS. It's there...and always is there...and so it becomes easy to forget about and ignore. To get our focus and attention, it might take a huge intervention...something to shake things up. That could be a fight, a trip, or "a conversation" about the relationship.

What I'm suggesting here is to proactively shake things up before relationship neglect takes root. We need to give focus and attention to our relationships...or they will suffer.

So, here comes the big finish...what you can do in the next week to improve your relationship. If you wear a watch...I want you to wear it on the other wrist for the next week. I told you this was going to be the strangest relationship tip you've never heard of. Now, for those of you who don't wear a watch....wear one this week. Or, wear one of those bands you got at church, at a charity rally, or wherever. The something that will distract your attention because of the different feeling it creates.

Now, the relationship impact comes from what you DO with that attention. Every time your attention goes to that uncomfortable feeling on your wrist, I want you to think of the other person in your relationship. Send them a text to say hi. Think about their world for a minute. Make a note of something to do for them today.

Relationship improvement comes from focus on the relationship...the other person. So, try this technique for the next week and let us know how it helps.

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